5 Online Marketing Tips for Your Blog

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online marketing

Online Marketing

It’s 2020, which means that the internet is bigger than ever before. Social media has taken up much of our communicative lives, and it’s never been easier to connect and reconnect with people around the world. Furthermore, it’s made our news updates instant and the act of researching more simple and immediate than it’s ever been before.

Because of this, more and more people are choosing to start blogging. Something that started off as a bit of fun has become, in recent years, a career for some. That’s right. There are people out there who make an actual living out of writing their blog from home – whether that be about cooking, fashion, make-up, politics, traveling or the environment. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re just starting out, then it can be difficult to know how to attract the right readers to your blog – particularly if you want to make a success of it and are working towards making a living from your online marketing posts. After all, what good is a blog if there’s no one there reading it?

Today, we’re going to be sharing our online marketing tips, that will have readers running to read your blog!

Online Marketing: Consult a Professional

If you’re really serious about turning your blog pro, then you should consider contacting a professional. Whether you’re researching how to work with lead generation companies or are simply wanting to contact an already popular blog owner to ask for their sage words of wisdom, it’s never a waste of time asking someone who knows the business well, for some help.

After all, who knows better than someone who’s been there? People are so put off by the thought of having to ask others for help, but nowadays it’s easier than ever before. You don’t have to write a letter, phone them, or even to see or speak to them in person. All you have to do is type an email or direct message, and voila! Who cares if they don’t reply? You’ve got nothing to lose!

Of course, as we mentioned there are leads companies out there who know exactly how to help you to promote your blog and its popularity in order to take it to the next level. Although the service might cost you, think of it as an investment. If you want your blogging to become a business, you’re likely to have to put in some cash in the early days, in order to make it back once you’re on your way.

Know Who Your Audience Are

One of the biggest mistakes novice bloggers make is creating their content without knowing exactly who their target audience actually is.

Even generalized blogs are aimed at a specific set of people, because of the way they’re written and presented. Furthermore, this is seen in the way they’re advertised too.

It’s no good marketing your blog in the wrong places because you’re not going to be aiming it at the right people – the interested people. This is why knowing who your audience is so important.

Your audience will dictate many things. It will dictate what you post when you post, and even the tone in which your blog is written. Your audience, in many ways, is your customers – and the customer is always right!

So know who your audience is. Know their age, interest, location and how to relate to them. only then can you know where and how to market your blog.

Produce Original and Interesting Content

In order to attract readers, your content is going to have to be interesting and original. Furthermore, in order to keep a loyal following coming back, you have to be doing this regularly.

Internet users are always seeking something new and interesting to follow – and if you just post the same old, they’re likely to lose interest.

By regularly posting unique content – maybe once weekly – you’re likely to keep people interested so that not only you gain a following, but maintain one too.


Last of all, but by no means least, never underestimate the power of a little bit of shameless self-promotion!

It’s so easy to promote your own product – or blog – now. You can take to social media to share information, links, and videos about it. You can send out emails to people who you think may be of interest. It might even be something subtle like you make the logo of your blog your profile picture on all of your personal profiles!

You’d be surprised at how many success stories have come out of self-promotion – so give it a go! You aren’t being veined, just ambitious.

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