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off page seo techniques

Basically, off page SEO techniques recognize as the action that many people do to raise the ranking of websites or pages with the help of a search engine. Most people take off page SEO techniques as just link building but it has many things that are unknown to most people. There is a big difference between an on-page search engine and off page SEO techniques and the difference is that on-page search engine optimization done within sites while off page SEO is done outside the site. If we write a post for another blog or write comments about the blog it is off page site promotion.

Preparing an Off Page SEO Techniques for link building

Link is still essential for Google because it is impossible for Google to know the importance or value of any webpage if it does not contain any links that tell about the webpage no matter how useful or famous content it contains. Mostly site owners skip the basic preparations for link building but it should be the first priority because this preparation will assure that you are observant of links you sent.

There are some techniques I am writing here.

Laying out your internal pages

Optimized internal pages play an important role in improving ranking and make a great difference in the overall ranking. This includes the interlinking of many pages with the help of random keywords (this means to pay full attention to your brand name). More precisely you should have Silo pages that join your category page and supporting pages. Because of it when you send a link to the homepage, the juice flood over your category and supporting pages that upgrade your search performance. Many professionals do not throw links at a single page instead of that they set down the different pages so each link will pass the juice of SEO to other interconnected pages.

Keep in mind that any of your internal pages should not be alone and make each page an essential part of your site that contains logical navigation. Basically, pages that contain the same topic should be linked together to provide wealthy experience to users. In search engines, optimization internal pages are generally ignored. Mostly the owner of sites and SEO do not understand how much the site of SEO value work and how the structure of internal pages is. But here I am discussing how it is possible.

When you have the knowledge about the link of high-value pages with the same site as your then here is a guide by a professional person. He guided about three ways to make sure that internal pages of yours get well structured. Here are three ways you can search it on the internet as well for a complete guide.

  1. Tap the pages who are link most.
  2. Interlink all of the targeted SEO Landing paper.
  3. Plunge links on your Home page.

Quality of your link to the internal pages is very important just like the structure of the pages.

Do the basic on-page SEO

On-page search engine optimization also very important. In the end, you do not want Google to picture your site as an ignored portal. I am confident that you have heard about Meta tags and keyword quantity. But still, there are other important on-page SEO factors that are valuable but mostly ignored. One of the reasons why many famous sites are no longer on the top of the list because they ignored the basics of off page SEO techniques. When you create a landing page in which you want Google to rank highly for this reason you pass the flood of SEO juices to the page from your most important pages. If the giants of search engine watching many pages on your site for the appropriate search terms and he is getting confused about which one should get a higher rank than other then it is the time you have to increase your search engine rank despite how much value you give.

This is a basic On-page search engine optimization process. There is no magical mystery in it. Always be sure that your pages are well organized, your keywords are well described and are being sent to Google properly. This helps you to improvise your search engine ranking. Actually what is happening here is the Giants of SEO are watching your many pages from Daily Mail Online and getting confused about which one gets higher ranks. At that time Mail Online could have linked back to the hub page from every internal page for the benefit of the trending search term. This is the strong signal to Google that this page was important and useful for users but it is very sad that after all these opportunities Daily Mail could not link back to the hub.

Choose words which are thematic keywords

Keywords are very important that controls all the additional factors of link. So choose the keyword wisely. Because keywords are the basic component of your content. But the question is how to find the thematic keywords? Here is a guide for you.

If you want to increase the traffic to your site then you need to use perfect thematic keywords for your site. For this, you need to improve the research for picking thematic keywords. While picking thematic keyword you need to have knowledge about the subject that you are working and you need some related information about the topic you are working. Try to focus on a specific subject. It is very important for you to choose the right keyword for your site where you can create content and increase the traffic on your site. You can use the internet for thematic keywords and select them according to your subject and topic. You can also use the phrases you know according to the topic that you are working on. Here is a complete guide on how to search phrases and words related to your subject.

First, know your subject or topic then start searching words related to your work or you can search only phrases by searching the terms of your subject and then use it with the phrase you know but these phrases must be according to your topic choose and start working on the topic as you want. This method can help you in so many ways while searching thematic words for your content or article you can gather information for your content or article.

There is another method that can help you to increase the knowledge of using the perfect thematic keywords. In this method, we are discussing that you can switch the keywords with the branded keywords and those keywords which are famous over the world. This means that you do not have to use the tips of SEO you just can write down your niche use your own brand name by switching with other keywords or you can use your domain name as well.

Switching your own keywords with famous keywords and with branded keywords or domain can help you to bring different kinds of results in your favor as your keywords could be found in the bar of google search. After getting this kind of result you just need to create high quality of content for your users and when you start getting rank in google search results then you have to focus on your content.

These days you branded thematic keywords are going to give you a very tough competition so you need to learn from those sites just try to get some motivation and try to improve yourself as much as you can.

Modifying anchor texts

The meaning of modifying your text is only that using different kinds of keywords, phrases, and generic terms. By using a variety of different keywords, phrases and generic terms will give your link a natural look and your anchor text will be viewed on google as a natural one and it will not look like as crafty one.

While modifying anchor text you should make relevance your first priority, your link based topic will be analyzed by Google as the referring your page and also it will show that how much thematic and consistent your link is.

We all know that controlling link is not possible. These links can be shared by anyone as they want. But you know that also you cannot control your anchor text or links. For controlling this matter brand name should be used as anchor text usually. In the last, you should get the links from highly based quality sites for your pages. Get links like nofollow or brand link for your link page for making it more natural and easy to publish new content for increasing brand mentions.


It is a time for you to get your own off-site and to get a network with more bloggers who are working on different niche or same niche as yours and owner of sites for increasing and boosting the search engine and ranking of your sites.

Learn and try to understand the other update of algorithm which are not targeting the searching results because of not getting enough incoming links.

Use strategies of link building for improving the Off page SEO techniques. You can get information from the internet. Although you should start preparation of your website for receiving the authority of different links and ensure that your site must reachable.

Your goal must be to create a high quality of content with great techniques of SEO. Put all your efforts into your work and your efforts will be pay off one day and it will lead you towards the success you want. But you have to consist and be patience and moderately you will reach the top of the Google results.  

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