How to make money blogging for beginners guide in 2020

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how to make money blogging

If you are looking to make money by blogging then you are at right place here you can have an easy step to step guide plan on how to make money blogging?

What are the different methods to make money by doing blogging?

What should I talk about in my blog?

By talking about different life styles can I make money?

Are my blog worth making money?

I summed up the all questions that are arriving in your mind while thinking about how to make money blogging? Usually, these questions pass around you when you want to make money by writing blogs. But do not worry here you will learn all the features that will guide you on how to start writing blogs for making money.

These days blogging is a profitable online business and people all around the globe are starting to write blogs and entering into this profession on a large scale. Before entering into this profession I want you to see the potential of this field so how can create a plan in your mind how, to sum up, all these potentials. So let’s get started!

  • For the beginner: They can start with ad networking
  • For intermediate and advance level: They can start with market affiliation which is more
  • For the only intermediate: They can start with selling their own eBooks.
  • For only advanced level: They can start their own online classes or online short courses.
  • For beginner and advance (all level): This easiest way they can start with reviews of different kinds of sponsors.
  •  Last but not least you all can provide services for different brands

Now let’s get to the main point of how to make money blogging. Blogging is like other professions where you earn according to your level just like other professions in the highest level of blogging people are earning $2000-$3 million in just a year. To get yourself at this level you need to work with patience and it depends upon your creativity but here are some factors by depending on these factors you can how to make money blogging.

  • Choose your niche wisely (Which kind of niche you are choosing for your blog).
  • How much time you are spending on learning to be a creative blogger and how much you are carrying out your learning in your blogs.
  • Traffic is very important to make sure how much traffic you are carrying on your blog.
  • How much knowledge you have about digital marketing and how much you are applying this knowledge into your blog.
how to make money blogging

Here are some basic factors that you need while writing blogs

  1. Consistency
  2. Motivation
  3. Your goals

These basic factors will help you to be consistent and these factors contributes a lot while going to the level you want so do not let these factors go away. Although skills at digital marketing and your niche will help you without any escort and will help you to grow as fast as you can in this profession.

Here are some questions which come in your mind when you are going to start a blog I will try to answer these questions one by one how to make money blogging.

What are the ways blogger make money?

Here are different kinds of methods for monetizing your blog which you can use for monetization in your blog but it depends upon the level and creativity of your blog and what kind of blog you are writing.

Here I am providing the details of the different kinds of factors which I mentioned above.

Ad Networking (AdSense and

Ad networking which is for beginners which is a very easy and interesting method to earn money online this method is used widely overall the world for getting monetize your blog. There are two types of networks that are very popular and used by people all over the globe.

  1. AdSense (provided by the GOOGLE).

For this you only have to create blog for getting consent on these networks which I mentioned above. These network show ads according to the background of your blog and also according to the engagement of your audience. Mostly bloggers who are new into this profession use this method to get monetization of their blogs and this method gives them outbreak of income. Most important that ads are shown in to your blog are high quality and these ads do not disturb your audience and the users.

If you get 300 view per day on your blog than you can use other networks which I am going to mention here

  1. Popads
  2. Revenue hit

Although you should get approval as soon as possible from AdSense and

Affiliate marketing (Most profit method)

Affiliate marketing is for intermediate and advance levels. Affiliate marketing is one of the absolute and best methods to earn money. You can earn from only a single sell and you can make a lot of huge amount of revenue by clicking on an ad these ads are contextual. Affiliate marketing is one of the popular platforms that every blogger is using nowadays the popularity of affiliate marketing is only because this marketing generates good amount of revenue from a single blog.

Here we are going to mention some known affiliate marketing from where you can connect.

  1. Amazon Affiliate marketing
  2. Solvid Affiliate marketing
  3. EBay partners
  4. Shopify
  5. Clickbank
  6. Studiopress Affiliate

There is also an amazing thing about affiliate marketing is that you can use this method on any platform of to make money blogging For this you only need to share a different kind of links of affiliate marketing that you have for your product which you are going to introduce after picking up that product by someone then you will be able to earn huge amount of money by getting a commission for selling this product.

Sell your own eBook

Selling your own eBook is only for intermediate level nowadays highest level of bloggers are selling their own eBooks. What you need to do for creating your own book I am mentioning below.

For creating your own eBook you just need to pick up a fascinating topic which could easily grab the attention of your readers after picking up your topic you need to assemble your topic on eBook and then put it on sale anywhere where you could easily sale it and earn a good amount of money. You can use Amazon for selling your eBook and also you can put it on your blog. By using this method you can generate a lot of revenue.

Selling your own eBook is a more profitable method it can generate huge amounts of revenue when once you get to know the whole process.

Launch online courses

Online courses and online classes is only for who are expert in this. This is advance level and it need a lot of expertise for using this method you need ask these questions to yourself which I am going to mention below.

  1. Are you able change the text format into video format?
  2. Are you able to add the checklist and also download templates?
  3. Are you able to create video for 1-2 hour long?

If you can do these all factors which are mentioned above then you are perfect for this method. These days technology is making life easy because of technology online courses or online classes are easy to inaugurate for everyone but for better results, you need to learn WordPress from different sites and you can watch videos of how to use WordPress. Also, I am mentioning some platforms for WordPress.

  1. Kartell
  2. 99U
  3. Learn Dash

Sponsored review (All level)

Sponsors reviews are the easiest way and best way to earn a good amount of money. By using this method you can earn $11 and more than this by giving only a single review. These days’ companies are considering and recognizing the value of paid to make money blogging Some companies buy reviews for their products some companies hire review writers.

Here I am going to mention some websites where you can find paid reviews or sponsors and you can get many opportunities.


Services is for all type of levels but it totally based on your skills and knowledge. According to your knowledge and skills, you have related to different fields that can help you to earn a decent amount of money and you can generate a good amount of to make money blogging By using this method you can provide services like content writing, graphic designing, logo designing, and article writing and much more than these categories.

Giving services helps you to give more opportunities and it also gives you experience and you can upgrade your skills and to make money blogging Here you have a complete guide about how to start offering services? This is a very easy method you just need to focus and creativity.

For offering services you just need to set up your services and create a list of them what you are offering after making a list of your offers now, it’s time to make money a platform where you can put your offerings and provide services. For launching your services you need to create a platform like a page where you can put your offers and you can do one thing more you can use your blog for offering services you just need to attach a link of your page below your offering in your blog but you need to make sure that it should be easy to understand for your audience so they can easily contact you. The most important thing you have to make it easy for your readers so they can easily get in touch with you as soon as you get your first few orders then you will be able to get more ideas and gradually you will improve the sales.

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