How to earn money online with internet In 2020

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How to Earn Money Online:

Although there are many scams, it is possible to make money on the Internet in 2020. Here is an overview of some methods that you may not know.

If you want more, find my super Top reliable sites to make money online and ideas to earn income online.

Here are few such online platforms, websites, and resources that can help you earn money online.

How to make money with Freelancing

5 key rules for becoming a freelancer online .

The job of freelancer on the Internet, also called online freelancer or web editor, can allow you to round off your ends of the month, or even get your freelance financial. You must, however, pay attention to 5 specific points if you want to write freelancers on the web.

how to earn money online

Become a freelancer on the Internet: choosing your status

If you want to become a freelancer on the Internet, so web copywriter at home, you will have to be very careful about the legal status you choose. Working as a paid journalist on the line or on the word usually requires an independent status, or going through a pottering company.

As a reminder, a freelance web is a web writing usually paid by word.

Freelance job description Online :

Content manager

Creation of the editorial line


To be punctual

Master a CMS to blog

To be able to write a book

Have a good culture

The best status to start as a copywriter at home

Having a legal status is an obligation. You can not cash a euro legally if you are not declared, so it is important to do it from the beginning, in order to legally enjoy your money.

The status of self-employed (self-employed or micro-enterprise) is often the most suitable when you start as a self-employed person. Quick and easy to set up, you can start working in a few days. This status is ideal for freelancers and if you want to work freelance.

The porting company

Some people may be frustrated by having to fill out papers, but still want to become a freelancer on the Internet. Going through a porter company can be a great solution. You can work at home quietly, find your customers, without the need to fill in paperwork, the portage company taking care of this, against payment of course.

Home web copywriter: job offer and rate

You never know what price to give when starting as a freelance journalist. Is it too much? Not enough ? A person who starts as a freelancer on the internet will necessarily ask the question. The answer will vary depending on what you want.

How to Make money with Own website?

When you start on the Internet, your primary goal should be to attract a significant number of visitors. Winning notoriety and generating traffic are indeed the keys to your success on the web. If you manage to increase the loyalty of your visitors and if users return regularly to your site, it is even better: you have successfully crossed the first steps to become a reference on the web. However, one question remains: how to monetize this traffic? As an entrepreneur, you obviously want to increase your turnover, if only to make the creation and maintenance of this website that is so important to you.

how to earn money online

Whether your business is entirely online or you simply want to earn additional income, making money with a website is of course possible. If this is not done overnight, this guide should nevertheless give you some ways to make your site profitable. Place Ad sense ads.

Google also offers you to display ads on your site.

These ads are either in the form of text or you are in the form of advertising banners.

The pay is done by clicking. The amount you will receive for each click varies depending on the theme of the ad. Some advertisers are indeed willing to pay more than others to receive a visitor. It’s not you who choose the theme of the Ad sense ad. The program of this system looks at the textual content of your site and very quickly determines the subject of the ads that will be displayed. They will always be related to your site in order to be more efficient.

Be careful, do not click on the ads displayed on your site. Even a click, and even a single time. The Ad sense system will detect this cheating towards the advertiser, and you will be permanently deleted, and your Ad sense account closed. If this happens to you by clumsiness, contact Google to report. Very importantly, read also all the tips and rules that are given on the Ad sense pages. You will be what you should not do.

Sell your products or services online.

This is obviously the first idea that comes to mind: to make money, the most logical thing is to have something to sell. Even if you are not in e-commerce, offering your own products or services is quite feasible once you have built a solid base of readers who are interested in what you have to say.

Think for example of e-books: they are a great way to generate passive income from your website and can quickly represent a large part of your revenue. You can also offer online training or coaching in your field.

Of course, a huge workload awaits you if you choose this solution. It requires a thorough knowledge of the subject you are going to specialize on, as well as a certain degree of writing and pedagogical competence. However, this is the solution that could bring you the most.

Sell advertising space

Advertising is by contrast the easiest and quickest way to start monetizing a site. Google being the undisputed master of the web, using AdSense can be a good start: this completely free platform allows you to place ads on your website based on the type of content you provide.

This solution is nevertheless the one that generates the least revenue. It is also used sparingly: if you display more advertising than useful content, users will quickly run away from your site!

Affiliate marketing .

With affiliate marketing, you advertise specific products on your website and receive a commission each time they sell. A wide variety of platforms allow you to offer affiliate products on your site without having to directly contact the company that sells them.

As your site grows, nothing prevents you from contacting the companies that interest you and negotiating a cheaper rate. You can also consider writing sponsored articles for a fee.

How to increase organic traffic -10 easy steps

Affiliation is much more financially attractive than simply displaying advertisements. However, be sure to only offer affiliate products related to your content. If your website is talking about travel, for example, you can save your readers money on airline tickets, but they will be at best disconcerted if you try to sell them a cheap price vacuum cleaner.

Thanks to these 3 methods, you will finally be able to start making money with your website. Combining them is quite possible, and it may be the best way to maximize your income. Remember, however, to clearly identify your target: it is your readers who matter, and you must first adapt your strategy to their expectations.

How to make money with Surveys and searches and reviews .

Respond to surveys

Are you someone who likes giving his opinion on the different things you have tested or bought? So know that your opinions can be worth gold. There are many websites that offer paid surveys and surveys on different topics and products. I tested different poll sites and here are the ones that seem to me the most serious and with the best pay:

On these sites, you will be able to earn several Euros per survey completed, and therefore have a certain amount at the end of the month, depending on the time you spend there. This method is very effective for winning on the net.

Paid Surveys

how to earn money online

Another way to make money online too, paid surveys. It consists of registering on a survey site and completing the information requested. Subsequently, depending on your profile, you will receive invitation emails for an inquiry or survey. It is by answering these emails that you will be paid. The amount of the winnings depends on the site and the complexity of the questionnaire. To optimize cash flow through this means, you have to be diligent and responsive.

Earn From content writing

Do you have the knowledge and you feel comfortable on many topics? Well then I advise you to offer your writing skills to users who need articles. Thanks to the internet you can become a freelance copywriter and earn a lot of money. To do this and to find customers, you can go on platforms like Text Master or Hop work. If writing is your passion, then you will be able to enjoy while winning on the net.

Create a blog and earn with blogging .

Do you have a passion and you want to share it with the world? Why not create a blog? Be aware that creating a blog is not as complicated as that, since there are turnkey solutions like Word Press that allows you to create your blog in minutes. I advise you to create your blog on a topic that you are passionate about, because you will have to write articles to capture as many visitors as possible.

how to earn money online

And it is always more pleasant to write on a subject that fascinates us. And to win with this method, you will be able to promote for products, sell advertising space, and many others. A blog is a fun way to make money. 

Create a YouTube channel and Earn money with YouTube online .

If you have a passion or want to share your everyday tricks and tips, then you can open a YouTube channel. All you need is a camera and a quality microphone but also create videos regularly to offer more content to users.

You will be able to monetize your videos, that is to say to display advertisements and you will receive a remuneration according to your number of views on your videos. The more people watch your videos, the higher your pay.

Earn More Money as a Virtual Assistant .

The demand for quality virtual assistants has been strong in recent years. More and more people are doing things online or are looking for people to do things remotely.

how to earn money online

This is a major victory if you want to work from home. In addition, it is not so difficult to break into this field and start doing work (VA). At least 90% of volunteer counselors are hired without a degree; they simply need to prove their skills, quickly discover new things and have excellent communication.

VAs can start earning between $ 10 and $ 15 an hour, but some earn $ 60 an hour. Here’s how you can raise your rates and make more money as a virtual assistant.

The text translator can make money at home .

With the advancement of the internet, the opportunity to make money easily becomes a reality. If you are a bilingual, trilingual or multilingual text translator, you can make a very important income every month if you have a good level in the field of translation English French, Spanish French …

For several years, several people have discovered the online text translator service and are doing this job as a main occupation or secondary job to improve their monthly earnings. To be able to make money online too, all you need is a good level of translation, master at least two languages and have a computer and an internet connection at home.

Earn via Online tutoring

Earn money by sharing your knowledge without leaving the comfort of your home. In one week, the most popular tutors online and earn up to: $ 550 .Happy  to have the opportunity to make a living without having to leave home. Have you thought about becoming a teacher, but you do not really have the time to work in a physical classroom.

If teaching has always been a passion for you, consider becoming an online teacher. You can work from home, set your own hours and choose the company or subject of your choice.

Online Tutor

Tutoring can be the perfect way for you to make money by teaching online. You do not have to drive to a school for tutoring. Skype has become a popular way of tutoring without leaving your home.

English as a Second Language (ESL) is something that will never go away. Teachers who teach this subject among others can make a lot of money working with people who need extra help.

Ocean Tutor You can choose from a wide variety of topics if you want to dive directly into the subject and find a subject with which you are comfortable. Calculus, chemistry and writing are just a few of the many topics covered in Tutor Ocean.

Online tutoring is perfect for parents who have trouble making an appointment on time. This can help you have plenty of time with the student and give him / her full attention for the duration of the tutoring session. Students using Tutor Ocean can also obtain a student ambassador position and promote the tutoring site to their peers.

How to make money easily with PTC (paid to click)?

Making real money on the internet is our day. There are different legal ways to earn online. Many websites offer multiple opportunities for online money-making such as paid surveys, paid emails, cash back, free money games, crypto currencies, paid clicks (PTC), paid businesses, etc.

In this article we will be interested in sites of paid Clicks where still called PTC. A great way to make a lot of money online and it’s free. No initial investment if it’s not your time.

So what is a PTC and how does a PTC site work?

 PTC (Paid To Click) is an English word that means being paid to click on ads from your Smartphone, tablet or computer. You make money every time you click on an advertisement.

How does a PTC site work?

how to earn money online

It’s simple! Once registered, you must log in to your member area, from there you will see all available ads, and when you click on an advertisement, a new window or tab opens that redirects to a new page and at the very top of the browser you will see a little time indicating the time you have to wait to get paid. The time and the remuneration vary according to the advertisement clicked but in general it is between 5 to 60 seconds by pub and a remuneration of 0.001 $ up to 0.02 $ by pub. It’s not a lot but if you spend more time and with our best tips, you can earn up to 500 $ per month.

Often the most difficult is to find good sites that really pay, you know on the internet there are a lot of scams so you have to be wary of some sites that offer PTC for example pay for it register and sites that have a pay rate higher than 0.10 € per click. Do not fall for the scam! To find sites that work well, I made for you a selection of the best PTC sites that I myself tested and that allowed me to earn money and continues to earn me win money.

You already know it with PTCs apart from signing up and watching ads, you will not have to do any hard work.

How to Start A Blog and Earn Money $2000/Month?

Make money With Data entry 

If you are also looking for an easier method to earn, then you are in the right place, at least for today. Online data entry jobs are one of the easiest jobs to make money online just sitting at your home. You will not believe that people are crazy for her. Indeed it is one of the simplest tasks to make money, you just need a good typing speed!

how to earn money online

Data entry is the act of transcribing some form of information into another medium, usually through entry into a computer program. Forms of data that people could transcribe handwritten documents, spreadsheet information and sequence numbers as well as computer code and even names and addresses.

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