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Blog V/S Youtube

It would be right if we would say that Blog VS Youtube (vlogging) is the head and tail of the same coin. So, these are the source of income for some people. People earn money online through Blogging and vlogging. There is two main difference between blog vs youtube.

In Blogging, you start a new blog, write on any niche, give qualitative content, and earn money through a blogging website. Product reviews, tips, etc. are also part of Blogging.

In vlogging, you have to record some videos of yours. You have to ask for someone who can make your videos. If you want to record some tutorials, you have t turn on your screen recordings to make a tutorial. 

Here are some differences between Blog vs Youtube(vlogging). 

Expenses for Blogging: 

  • You have to spend 50 to 100 $ to start a professional blog vs youtube. You register a domain name and purchase a host.
  • Blogging can also be started from a free blog posting website such as medium etc. You have to renew it when your hosting and domain package is going to expire.

No Expense for Youtube :

  • On the other hand, youtube makes it easier for all to create a channel for free. You have to buy a camera of 1080 resolution to record videos.
  • Youtube host your video and monetize it for free. Your channel will never get deleted if it is fulfilling the youtube policies.

Skill Required for Blogging:

  • If you want to be a blogger, you have to know about Google Search engine optimization, Google snippet optimization, basics of SEO.
  • Good command on English grammar and well-writing English is also needed to become a professional blogger.

Skill Required for Vlogging:

  • Creativity is one of the specific skills you have to command on. If you are creative, youtube monetize your channel and videos as well. Creating your content is the best way to make a fast monetizing youtube channel.
  • Vlogging needs communication skills that engage people with your vlog or any other youtube video. You have to get an expert on your communication skills.
  • Excellent command over English grammar is also necessary to become a vlogger.
Blog VS Youtube

Comparison between Blogging and YouTube (Vlogging)


  • Blogging is not that easy task as it seems. There are too many people, students, retired professors, jobless degree holders, and homemakers who get inspired by the well-traffic blog posts and start thinking it is the best way to earn money quickly.
  • But the situation is far from it. Before spending your money, check out the age of the blog that inspired you. Ther is a lot of hard work hidden behind the pages that rank on 1st page of google search engines
  • Pages that are old and have excellent SEO skills to ranked # 1 on google’s first page. Google trusts on those pages and blogs. They are trustworthy for Google.
  • On the other hand, new sites are less confidence to compete with ranking websites. Those sites are less trustworthy.
  • New blogs don’t have enough content to show an get the Traffic quickly. You have to publish high-quality content-based posts every day to get the Google Traffic.
  • If you work hard and write for your website or blog and follow the Google webmaster guidelines, Google will send the organic Traffic to your blog’s landing page, which will help to rank your website on the first page of Google.


  • Creating a youtube channel is easy because it is free of cost, but vlogging is difficult now because Google has recently announced that you have to get 10000 views to show an advertisement on your vlog. Making money from Youtube has become difficult now.
  • If you get paid viewers to your channel, it’s a false idea because Google can easily distinguish between the original viewer and a fake viewer. If you do that, it might be possible that Google will ban your channel.

Which Platform is better for you:

  • In Blogging, you make any mistake while writing it, and after publishing, you can go back to the text and change it without any problem. Changing text is one of the reasons to like Blogging.
  • For Example, if you want to add some link to affiliate with the other sites. You go back and add the links to your texts.
  • Blogging allows you to advertise your desired ads from Google Adsense. It not forced From Google AdSense.
  • Well, it is better to find yourself what your skill is and what you can do for Blogging if you find yourself a good writer. Blogging is best for you.

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  • On the other hand, when your youtube video is uploaded, it is much harder to get back and change the video’s content.
  • Youtube is forced to Google AdSense to an advertisement according to them. You cannot monetize your channel by showing your desired ads.
  • Youtube-ing is a better option for those who love to be in front of the camera. It would be best if you had supreme confidence and engaging fluent language and an eye-catchy content to convince people to land on your video.
  • It’s a better recommendation than start with both the methods, Blogging, and Youtube. Post at least ten articles and ten videos in a day. You will get a better interest of yours and make you decide what you should do better to earn money online.

Targeted Audience:

  • While comparing blog vs youtube, you have to find out your targeted audience. You have to figure out where the people land on your content faster. For Example, if you have a fashion niche, then Facebook and Instagram have the better option to get an audience for that niche.
  • If you are in the SEO niche, Instagram is not a better option to get Traffic. Most SEO is looking for Google, Youtube, and youtube is better for them.
  • Well, it is not a good idea to use the platform to get Traffic or audience. You have to create quality content to make your blog vs Youtube Monitizinging and got Traffic specifically.
  • Blogging is slower that youtube to get Traffic to the blog. The only way to get faster Traffic is that your website is old, and the domain is high.
  • On the other hand, you can rank on youtube pretty faster if your keyword is less competitive, and you fulfill the algorithm.
  • Many New Bloggers doing a mistake that is the reason I am writing an article about beginner blogging mistakes and how to fix them.

Outsource or Hire people:

  • It is possible for both Blogging and YouTube to outsource or hire people from websites like Legit etc. Bloggers hire writers to write qualitative content for their blog posts. 
  • While YouTuber hire editors to make their videos more engageable. Generally, it is more convenient to build your audience via speaking by yourself and make the people engaged with you.
  • To shoot or edit a YouTube video does not need the specific equipment to make it better. You have some knowledge and expertise to do that job too. Editing and production need some basic knowledge, an experience that id nit matched with an article reviewing.

Pros and Cons:


  • Publishing articles or posting a video is the safe and sound way to earn money online. Whether it is a hard-working and time taking process, but its fruit is sweet.
  • You have to get a chance to make your name and personality in the era of the internet. People know you with your name and work and get inspired by you.
  • Google and youtube are the head branch if platforms. The writer or YouTuber makes their recognition through these platforms. It is one of the best advantages of it.


  • Well, posting or publishing in google or youtube, it seems sometimes risky to controllable on your data that is available on the internet within your profile. Sometimes your subscribers or followers got stuck due to a particular reason, and you might start from zero.
  • It gets maximum time to get the desired audience and Traffic. Its more time-consuming and challenging process sometimes leaves you heartless, but its fruit is sweet when you get the line you draw to become successful.
  • Making a career on these platforms is not permanent, as you can do part-time work on it. Well, make your career and do it along with your job.

Blog Vs Youtube is the best way to earn money online. You must work hard to get success in these platforms. Time is money, and you have to spend time on these ways of winning. Hard-working gets you the desired power and position in your life. There is no short cut in Blog Vs Youtube. You have to make your success by hard-working, continuity, and permanent behavior. There is a lot of pros and cons of both Blogging and vlogging. But you have to utilize the advantages and make a better option to earn decent money through it.

It is up to you, which will be preferred by you to make your income source.

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