10 beginner blogging mistakes and how to fix them

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blogging mistakes

There are some mistakes that every blogger tells you. If we avoid these mistakes then it will be very helpful for us. There are many blogging mistakes that are still done by new and experienced bloggers. I had written down some blogging mistakes that were made by many bloggers so it can help you to avoid these blogging mistakes and you are going to love it.

1.Selecting design with a dark background and unattractive WordPress theme

Always try to avoid dark theme background with light text because this background makes it even harder on your reader’s eyes and he faces complications in understanding your blog.

If you are selecting WordPress for starting your blog. But you are going to do some mistakes. Blogging Mistakes are common there are many bloggers who commit mistakes sometimes. As you are new bloggers so it is common for doing blogging mistakes but you need to improve your mistakes. Here I am discussing a very common mistake that is committed by new bloggers that are selecting an incorrect theme for WordPress. On WordPress, there are many themes for which you do not have to pay but some of them are not worth using. So you need to make sure while selecting themes that everything should match with your blog. Take time while selecting a theme and make it perfect do not use too junky theme it might look a bit disturbing.

2.Accidental Plagiarism

It is a mistake that is faced by many new bloggers they even do not know that they are doing this mistake. Plagiarism means using any content that is not yours and this contains words, photos, pictures, and music. Many new bloggers google a picture then download it and use it in their blog that is plagiarism and that also applies to words and music.

3.Choosing an uninteresting blog name and domain name

Avoid choosing an uninteresting name for your blog. Choose your name that reflects your personality. One more thing that your URL and your blog name should be same because it is confusing and hard to remember if your blog name and your URL are different.

blogging mistakes

Bloggers sometimes select vague type of names for their domain that will cause problems in future it is very common mistake that beginners makes.

Selecting name of your domain is first step for starting your blog. The decision of selecting the name of your domain for your blog is not very difficult or typical but it is very important to select understandable name but fortunately you can change the name of your domain but the process is very difficult and very long you can avoid this process by picking perfect name for your domain. For picking perfect name you need to remember these tips in your mind I am discussing below some tips by using these tips you can avoid mistake like choosing wrong name of your domain.

  • Make sure your domain name is available

For this step, you use tools like domain registration or services which are easily available these days. In my opinion, you should check the name if it is available on social media.

  • Easy to learn

The name of your domain should be easy to learn to make it easy so people can remember your URL and make it easy to available on the search engines.

  • Make it simple

Use simple domain name which is easy to write and easy to pronounce. Tricky names can confuse people and they will find it difficult to search it.

  • Name generator

You should use name generator if you have any problem while selecting name for your domain. There are many name generator available on internet.

By using tips you will able to select the perfect name for your domain and you will able to avoid blogging mistakes of selecting the wrong name of your domain for your blog.

4.Using Huge Header and Blogs without an outline

It is also the mistake of bloggers that they use huge headers in their blogs. Because of it reader has to scroll down several times then they will get to the content.

There are many blogs without an outline and it is also one of mistake that is done by bloggers. Some of you may feel like that writing an outline is a childish thing but it is very important in blogging mistakes. With writing outlines, we can start the writing processes. It also helps the reader to know about your content.

5.Choosing the wrong hosting company

The next mistake is choosing the wrong hosting company while starting a blog. What does the hosting company do? Hosting a company helps you to get a live blog. Their entry-level starts from 3.00/ mo to 15.00/ mo for each entry-level. Your blog will not go public without the help of hosting companies and your blog will not able to reachable to the world. Unfortunately, there are some hosting companies who are working better than others but be careful what kind of hosting company you are choosing to check all features that they are offering and also check the reliability and it should be affordable for you.

Here I am mentioning some factors that you should remember while searching hosting companies

  1. Their speed
  2. Their security (most important)
  3. Their record
  4. Last but not least check their features

6.Choosing uninteresting topic

Avoid selecting a topic that does not attract the reader. Always select an attractive topic that will be helpful for the reader. Create entertaining content for the reader. Actually blogging is a platform to express yourself to other people that’s why it is very important to know how your blog is contributing to the lives of other people.

7.Blogging without research

Many of us think that we know a lot about our topic but it is very helpful if we do some research on our topic. Research can fill the gap in our blog. Research gives us new information about our topic or niche. People do not like a topic that is outdated and because of it, the reader will lose faith in your skills.

8.Thinking about to get monetization at the early stages of blogging

At the early stages of blogging mistakes, new bloggers start to think about monetization. It is the start of your blogs so at early stages you should focus on how to grow traffic in your blogs and just focus on your creativity.

You should not think about make money from blogging at the early stages of your blogging because of this you will never reach out at your best level of generating income by creating a huge amount of creative blogs. But you should try to start monetization as soon as possible when you start getting traffic on your blog.

9. Not learning a technical feature of blogging

The most common blogging mistakes beginner do is to not learning the technical features of blogging and in the future, it will cause you problems by not learning technical features of blogging.

You do not have to be a prodigy of technology to be a successful blogger but you have to know some technical features of blogging mistakes to be a creative blogger.

By learning some technical aspects of blogging mistakes will help you to fix problems and you will able to solve issues of unexpected troubleshooting on your own. Sometimes you unexpected issues which will come up anytime on your blog these issues can create problems so it’s better for you to learn some technical features of blogging. By learning technical aspects of blogging will help you to customize your blogs.

So you can learn these technical features of blogging with the help of the internet there are tons of videos and blogs on this topic you can search it and learn it from there you can make the right use of the internet by learning these features and grow yourself. You will able to fix your problems like troubleshooting and technical problems anytime by learning technical features of blogging and then you will be happy to see yourself at this stage where you can make changes in your simple blogs in the future.

10.Giving up easily

In the beginning, bloggers give up easily and get disappointed by not getting enough attention from the public this is a very common mistake that new bloggers make and they start losing motivation toward blogging.

Blogging is something that can make you feel very happy and can your life full of colors but on other hand sometimes blogging mistakes can make you feel very upset when you do not get enough appreciation and enough attention from the public. By comparing your blog with other famous bloggers with the same niche you are working then you start feeling discouraged and you start losing motivation. You will start thinking about your site that you will never achieve this success like other famous bloggers due to the competition.

The feeling of discouragement can make you more upset and it will make you discourage and you will lose the motivation these feelings will make you give up on blogging easily but you can avoid this biggest mistake by keeping important tips in your mind which I am discussing below.

Blogging is something that requires patience and hard work of months and years you need to be consistent and motivated to get motivation from other famous bloggers even if they are working on the same nice as yours it will help you to grow yourself and you can learn from famous bloggers.

Last but not least just remember that no one will get achievement overnight behind this achievement there is always an effort and hard work.

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